Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Increasing Awareness in the Workplace (Naperville, Jan 2024)


Date: January 31, 2024

Time: 9 to 11:30 a.m. CST

Instructors: Dillon Cathro & Rose M. J. Henton

Location: NIU Naperville Campus (Room 166)

1120 E Diehl Rd

Naperville, IL 60563

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In this diversity workshop session, participants will receive a quick overview of how DEI practices can be incorporated into the workplace, as well as definitions and examples of key terms such as racism, sexism, power and activism. Participants will engage in frequent small-group discussions with their peers about their own understandings of terms such as race, gender, and ability, and will also brainstorm ways to continue having similar conversations and events in their respective workspaces.

Learn more about the inclusive leadership program here or learn more about this workshop in our upcoming webinar on January 17, 2024.